Sun, May 20 2018

Green Globe Festival,

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands

  • About the event

    The Green Globe Festival started out as an initiative by 3 university students that had the following goals in mind:

    Aim: Social Cohesion and Sustainability

    -Promote conviviality- like in the Hague

    -Learning to be more environmentally mindful

    -Awareness: of Dutch culture in the Hague- can be informative for both locals and internationals

    -Prevention: aspects of conviviality here in the Hague, environmental pollution during the months of summer [summer holidays]


    The main issue we would like to tackle: Integration into the culture

    -- this would act as a stepping stone to future initiative for social cohesion

    -- can be used by existing initiatives and societies that aim for social cohesion

    Why should you sponsor?

    Corporate social responsibility is key and needs to be redefined well in this day and age. Your sponsorship of this event does not only reflect well in terms of image but also changes the corporate culture for the better. 

    We are three very passionate and driven individuals looking to learn and grown from a professional standpoint. Moreover, this is our first event, therefore, it is a major stepping stone. 

    Help us achieve our creative impact project and lend a hand to us young entrepreneurs that are looking to make a change. 

    Ecological Einsteins

    We are a group of three Leiden University students who were given the task to create an impact project here in the Hague community. We have a common passion for the environment and are keen to improve social cohesion between the local and international residents. So we decided to merge these two ideas together and create a one-day mini-festival where social cohesion is achieved through a sustainable/ environmental goal.

    We are based in the Hague but openly welcome cohesive joint ventures from inhabitants of the Netherlands. We would like to make an annual fn day where our two main aims are achieved by and for all locals and residents in the Netherlands.

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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