Wed, Oct 27 - Sat, Oct 30 2021

International Conference "Indigenous Resistance in the Digital Age",

Naples, Campania, Italy Naples, Campania, Italy

  • About the event

    The International Conference “Indigenous Resistance in the Digital Age: the Politics of Language, Media and Culture” (University of Naples L'Orientale", October 27-30 2021, online on Zoom) aims at broadening the current critical debate on creative Indigenous resistance in digital environments so as to include a combination of theoretical approaches and methodologies that range from Indigenous Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, Multimodal Analysis, Media Studies, among others, that may offer new perspectives and insights.

    ​The conference welcomes proposals that investigate linguistic, cultural and social aspects of Indigenous digital activisms at macro and/or micro levels, and the languages of resistance across genres, channels and cyber-environments, drawing from different academic disciplines as well as different critical approaches. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    • Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as new frontiers for Indigenous activists

    • Corpora, annotation schemes and other resources and methods for analyzing
      Indigenous resistance

    • Linguistic, multimodal, critical analysis of dissent and online struggles

    • Metaphors, tropes, narratives and other devices used in Indigenous digital activism
      on social media

    • Language, memory and Indigeneity in virtual worlds

    • Sovereignty, Indigenous lands and the cyberspace 

    • Online/offline Indigenous self-representations and their multiple expressions

    • Responses to online anti-Indigenous racism

    • Indigenous (self- and other) representations in video-games

    • Contemporary online Indigeneity and global connectivity

    • Indigenous knowledge, artificial intelligence and digital worlds

    • Technology and decolonization

    • Emancipatory role of digital technology for Indigenous people

    • Data, information, connectivity, digital technologies and control

    • Educational technology (e.g., virtual labs, e-learning, mobile apps) for Indigenous languages revitalization

    • Indigenous online voices and political participation

    • Ancestral languages and cultural heritage in online environments

    • The inclusion of Indigenous viewpoints in developing new technologies

    • Indigenous Futurism

    • Digital art as resistance

    • Innovative forms of digital oratory and storytelling

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    The International Conference will gather scholars from around the globe interested in the investigation of the digital realm as a site for resistance and creative activism. The sponsors supporting the event will therefore have the possibility to show their logo, links to their website, and advertise their digital services which may be of interest to the academic community. 

    Anna Mongibello

    Anna Mongibello, conference convenor, is Tenure-track Researcher in English at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Comparative Studies at the University of Naples "L'Orientale". She holds a PhD in Cultural and Post-colonial Studies of the Anglophone World from "L'Orientale", where she currently lectures BA and MA students on English Language and Linguistics. She is a member of the board of the Italian Association for Canadian Studies. She has worked and conducted her research on Indigenous Peoples and their representations in Canada and Italy.  

    Her research interests include Media and News Discourse; the sociolinguistic aspects of English (in relation to identity, power and ideologies), explored through a methodology that combines CDA and the tools offered by Corpus Linguistics; e-learning, virtual learning environments, virtual worlds, gaming and artificial realities connected to intercultural communicative competence and English as a lingua franca; translation and multilingualism; gender and language issues. 



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    Mongibello, A. (2013), Geografie alterNative: scrittrici indigene contemporanee del Canada anglofono. Tangram Edizioni Scientifiche, Trento, p. 1-190, ISBN: 9788864580869

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    Articles in Other International Journals:

    Mongibello, A. (2015), "'Translators of the Old Ways: the Reinvention of Canadian English in "Jacob" by Maria Campbell", The British Journal of Canadian Studies, 28.2, edited by Danielle Fuller et al., Liverpool University Press, Liverpool., pp. 247-264.

    Mongibello, A., (2012). "AlterNatives in Contemporary First Nations and Métis Narratives: Preliminary Considerations". Interpreting Canada: New Perspectives from Europe, The European Network for Canadian Studies, Brno, pp. 125-137.

    Book Chapters:

    Mongibello, A. (2020), “New Discourses of Canadianness in Anne with an E”, in Francesconi, Sabrina e Acerenza Gerardo (eds), Adaptations of Stories and Stories of Adaptation, University of Trento Press, Trento, pp. 185-218 ISBN 978-88-8443-892-8

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