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BEC Mumbai, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India BEC Mumbai, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • About the event

    GroomXpo is a groundbreaking grooming expo concept, aimed at revolutionizing the way individuals approach self-care, finance, health, and education. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform where visitors can make informed decisions to upgrade their lives.
    To become the world’s leading end-to-end Grooming Expo, empowering individuals above 18 from any country to make life-enhancing choices through face-to-face interactions with industry experts.
    Business Objectives:
        1.    Inaugural Expo: Host the first GroomXpo with a minimum of 1 lakh square feet of exhibition space, divided into four specific lanes.
        2.    Industry Expansion: After gaining popularity, explore additional industries such as real estate.
        3.    Global Expansion: Expand the GroomXpo concept to international markets.
        4.    Education Hub: Develop the Educational Lane into a prominent career guidance and educational hub.
        5.    Financial Support: Facilitate access to financial services and startup funding for aspiring entrepreneurs.
        6.    Health and Wellness: Provide a comprehensive platform for health and wellness products and services.
        7.    Real Estate Inclusion: Integrate real estate offerings into future editions.
    Market Analysis:
        •    Target Audience: Individuals aged 18 and above seeking self-improvement and decision-making support.
        •    Market Trends: Increasing interest in self-care, financial literacy, health-consciousness, and education.
        •    Competitive Landscape: Limited direct competitors in the grooming expo space, offering a unique advantage.
        •    Partnerships: Collaborate with government agencies and industry experts to enhance credibility.
    Business Model:
        •    Exhibition Space Rental: Generate revenue by renting space to exhibitors in each lane.
        •    Ticket Sales: Sell tickets to visitors, offering various packages and access levels.
        •    Sponsorships: Attract sponsors from relevant industries to support the expo.
        •    Consultation Fees: Charge fees for expert consultations within each lane.
        •    Merchandise Sales: Sell branded merchandise related to self-care, finance, health, and education.
    Marketing Strategy:
        •    Digital Promotion: Utilize social media, a dedicated website, and email marketing to reach a broader audience.
        •    Partnerships: Collaborate with government ministries, industry associations, and influencers.
        •    Early-Bird Offers: Attract exhibitors and visitors with special discounts for early registration.
        •    Content Marketing: Create informative content about each lane’s industries to engage the audience.
    Financial Projections:
        •    Year 1: Break-even point.
        •    Year 2: Profitability with a 20% increase in revenue.
        •    Year 3: Expansion to international markets, doubling revenue.
        •    Year 4: Continued international growth, with a projected 30% increase in revenue.
        •    Year 5: Consolidation as a global leader, with significant profit margins.
        •    Founder: Vishal Kumar
        •    Operations: Experienced event management professionals.
        •    Marketing: Skilled digital marketing experts.
        •    Finance: Financial analysts with expertise in budgeting and forecasting.
    Conclusion: GroomXpo is poised to be a game-changer in the self-care, finance, health, and education industries.

    With a passionate team, we aim to create an immersive and impactful expo that empowers individuals to make life-changing decisions. GroomXpo is not just an event; it’s an experience that will shape a better future for our visitors.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Why Sponsor GroomXpo?

    Empowerment Meets Opportunity

    GroomXpo is not just an event; it's an opportunity for sponsors to be part of a transformative movement. Here's why you should sponsor GroomXpo:

    1. Unique Market Reach:
    GroomXpo's diverse industry lanes, from Personal Care to Financial Care, attract a broad audience. As a sponsor, you gain exposure to a wide demographic, reaching potential customers and clients from various sectors.

    2. Positive Community Impact:
    Sponsoring GroomXpo isn't just a financial investment; it's an investment in the community. Your support contributes to the event's success and fosters community development, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility.

    3. Brand Visibility and Recognition:
    GroomXpo offers extensive branding opportunities, placing your brand at the forefront of a dynamic event. Your logo, products, and services will be showcased to thousands of engaged attendees, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

    4. Networking and Partnerships:
    Become a part of an exclusive network of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. GroomXpo provides a unique platform for building valuable connections and partnerships that can drive business growth.

    5. Scalable Profitability:
    As an inaugural project, GroomXpo offers stakeholders the chance to purchase stakes in the event. By sponsoring GroomXpo, you not only contribute to its success but also position yourself for potential future dividends as the event thrives.

    6. Innovative Concepts and Trends:
    GroomXpo is committed to introducing innovative concepts and showcasing industry trends. Sponsoring the event allows you to align your brand with innovation and stay at the forefront of your industry.

    7. Tangible Impact:
    In an age of virtual information, GroomXpo provides a tangible, face-to-face experience. Your sponsorship actively empowers individuals to make informed life choices, creating a positive, lasting impact.

    8. Future Expansion:
    GroomXpo's vision extends beyond its inaugural edition. As the event grows, we plan to introduce more industry lanes, offering sponsors the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, evolving platform.

    Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow Together:
    By sponsoring GroomXpo, you become a catalyst for positive change, financial growth, and community development. Join us in shaping a brighter, better-informed tomorrow.

    Contact us today to explore sponsorship opportunities and be a part of GroomXpo's transformative journey.

    Vishal Kumar

    I am Vishal Kumar, the founder of S.E.P.E. Events, with a solid foundation in event management and a successful track record in the restaurant industry, having owned and operated Celebration in Mira Road.

    My Background:

        •    Graduated with a Bachelors in Management Studies degree, specializing in Events Management and Public Relations, from the University of Mumbai.
        •    Six years of extensive experience in event management, working with various companies across diverse event types.
        •    Three years of hands-on experience in the F&B hospitality sector, including successful restaurant ownership.

    My Commitment:

        •    A passion for introducing innovative concepts and experiences.
        •    A drive to create a positive impact on the community.
        •    A vision for GroomXpo that goes beyond a single event to serve individuals worldwide.

    Why You Should Trust Me:

        •    Proven Track Record: My past experiences in event management and restaurant ownership demonstrate my ability to successfully execute projects.
        •    Commitment to Excellence: I am dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of GroomXpo, ensuring a valuable experience for sponsors and attendees alike.
        •    Vision for the Future: GroomXpo’s long-term vision aligns with providing stakeholders with a platform for potential future dividends, showcasing my commitment to its success.

    By trusting me and supporting GroomXpo, you are partnering with someone who brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a forward-thinking perspective to the table. Together, we can shape the future of transformative events.

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