Sat, Aug 11 2018

Ridglea Metalfest 2018,

Ridglea Theater, Fort Worth, TX, United States Ridglea Theater, Fort Worth, TX, United States
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97.1 The Eagle
The Gas Pipe
DO 214

  • About the event

    Ridglea Metalfest is a hard rock and metal festival with 3 stages in the historic Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX. For almost 20 years Ridglea Theater has hosted some of the most successful names in the hard rock and metal scene. This event has hosted bands such as: Trivium, All that Remains, Damage Plan(former Pantera), Fear Factory, Breaking Benjamin, Mudvayne, Lockjaw, Element Eighty, Within Chaos, Hatebreed, and many more. The Dallas Fort Worth music scene took a huge hit when the Ridglea almost closed down due building ownership issues. The building was purchased by new owner Jerry Schults and underwent a major remodel around 2010-11. Now the theater has been preserved as a historic landmark and cannot be torn down due to the Schults family. Ridglea Metalfest was originally concieved in early 2000's by members of the local band Lockjaw, brining in national acts to the venue. The show has been resurected in hopes of revitalizing the rock and metal scene in DFW, helping the youth have positve outlets to play music by involving School of Rock, and growing the Festival to the North Texas Metal and Rock fest in the summer of 2021. 

    RMF 2018 will have 3 rooms, hosting 2000 fans, with an array of entertaiment and vendors. The festival will feature national recording artist DROWNING POOL, with support from other nationals such as Bury your Dead, Lockjaw, Secret of Boris, Leroy the Prophet, and many more. 


    Why should you sponsor?

    The event is particularly geared for Sponsorship, and rich in valuable assets, with opportunities for thousands of impressions across, radio, social media, video spots on the giant big screen on the main stage, Stage names, Red Carpet Social Media banner, Logo spots, Laser impressions of Logos, Event T shirts, and much more. 

    The show has sold out ever year since we started due to the rich blend of artists on the event. Ticket are fairly priced for fans to get overloaded with their favorite music all day. The formula works, and this year in order to grow the even, with even more buzz we are including advertising on radio and social media, with video spots as well as media blasts. 

    We are raising funds to cover costs we have incurred, with over 30,000.00 in costs from artist contracts, Stage and rigging, sound and lighting, security staff, ticketing staff, advertising on the radio and social media, and stage hands. We are also raising funds to be able to afford more expensive talent for next 2 years events to grow the event to an annual city wide, multi venue rock and metal festival with Ridglea Theater at the center of all the action. 


    We thank you for your consideration and hope you can join us on this partnership. 

    Jeff Ogle

    My name is Jeff Ogle, I am a successful business owner, father and family man in Fort Worth, TX. I have been involved in Ridglea Theater since around 2000, booking shows and festivals for former owners Wesley Hathaway, and Richard Van Zandt. My band Lockjaw headlined and hosted festival type events for many national and local acts over our 20 year history. We devleoped the 3 stage festival concept in order to bring national and local acts together, in order to help developement of the local scene, not only for locals to gain exposure, but to gain exposre in the scene overall. We have always had a good realtionship with the local rock station 97.1 The Eagle owned by Clear Channel, and now by Iheartmedia. We started Ridglea Metalfest as DFW Metalfest, and then it grew to Ridglea Metalfest after promoter Ted Cromer, helped Wesley and Richard in brining national talent to the historic stage. At that time there was only one main auditorum, with no balcony. Since Wesley and Richard, a new owner, Jerry Schults purchsed the complex, and did a major remodel, adding 2 new venues to the already huge space. The venue now has state of the art lighting and sound, with 3 amazing rooms for bands to perform, with any size crowd. The community really missed the Fort Worth, Rock and Metal scene since Ridglea was down for several years due to zoning, policital, and remodel issues. Due to my own business and family obligations, our band stopped touring around 2008, taking a long break. In 2016 we had the opportunity to play a show for a close family friend diagnosed with cancer raising aproximately 4k for his treatment, and in 2017 longtime friend Wesley Hathaway former owner of Ridglea Theater passed away also from cancer. This made me decide life is short, and to play a show a year, and do it bigger than i had ever had the means to before. My company has been successful and put me in a different place to be able to do some things that I love again, and I made my own personal investments into this show, from artist guarantees, art and video development to social media and radio marketing. I have skin in the game, and im in it to win it. I will push my sponsors based on each respective package to the max and make sure everyone has a good experience. We have appointed a RMF committee, comprised of former venue owners, promoters, business owners, lighting and sound guys, and marketing experts to make this show successful for us and our advertising sponsors. We are projected to sell out at this point. Each local band will be participaing in presale with promo codes giving them credit, to help determine stage slot. The bands are carefully picked, with current draw in mind, to make sure that we give some great bands a chance to shine on the national stage. Thank you again for considering us for this partnership!


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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    65% Male Attendees

    35% Female Attendees

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