Fri, Jun 15 - Sun, Jun 17 2018

Eid Fest - Eid on the beach!,

Goodmayes, England, United Kingdom Goodmayes, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event


    EID FEST ( run by 1EIDCC) is a community festival that takes place in various boroughs twice a year and has over 30,000 people attending across four parks! The event is a well established event running since 2007 and inspired a movement of events to take place all over the UK,


    "Eidfest - Eid on the beach!" This is the first time an Urban beach and pool will be created in London parks for the celebration of Eid. Along side traditional fair rides, beach entertainment and international food.

     We are already getting so much positive feedback and excitement from the general public, so this is a great opportunity for your brand to be part of something innovative. 


    Given the current climate we believe its very important that people of all backgrounds come together to show that we are united in goodness not hatred!


    Here is a little about our charity

    1Eid is a inter-faith, multi-generational celebration marking the end of Ramadan. The word ‘Eid’ meaning ‘to feast’ traditionally was celebrated with the whole community regardless of faith. The aim of Eid was to come together and celebrate the fabric of humanity. Happiness, harmony and respect for all to encourage cohesion.


    ♥ Our Vision

    We believe that people should get to know one another to achieve peace and unity.

    ♥ Our Mission

    We will strengthen and unite local communities by reviving, celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid

    Why should you sponsor?

    Not only will you have access to thousands of potential customers, we have learnt that the community admires businesses that show a vested interest in being socially responsible. This is a community event by the people for the people and such support will show your company really cares in making changes for a better world.

    - Access to thousands of potential customers

    - Brand promotion and awareness

    - Association with socially responsible causes

    - Association with a unique event

    - Tackling polarisation , racism and discrimination in community

    - Investing in young people who are the backbone of volunteering and running this project 

    Momtahena Jaigirdar

    Hi my name is Momtahena (everyone calls me monty). I started this project over 10 years ago when i was just 19 years old! I was fed up on how hostile, polarised and intolerant society was becoming. I was born and bred in London and always felt proud of its multi cultural mish mash of food, architecture, business and arts. Sadly I felt this was slipping away due to the media's need to create divisions amongst our community. Historical Eid was a festival that invited people of all faiths and backgrounds to come feast together. I knew this would be the perfect platform to bring our communities together, after all if it worked over 1400 years ago why not today! In 2007 I launched 1Eid, wondering if people would even attend. I was suprisingly over run with an attendance of 15000! Ealing times hailed it as a landmark sucess and since then i have never looked back!

    1Eid has grown all over the UK with four parks being run by myself and catering to nearly 40,000 people. We are 100% voluntary run and 11 years going strong. You can trust this event to be sincere, warm, inviting, exciting and innovative with an audience to match.



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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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